South Florida Solar Power

Heating swimming pools with the sun can save thousands of dollars in energy costs to keep a pool at the preferred temperature. Even if no LP/natural gas or electric pool heater is installed, a solar pool heater will significantly extend your swim season.

If shading or an enclosure is keeping your pool even cooler, heating with solar is likely to be the best long-term option.


Solar pool panels are made of a flexible and durable polymer material. Pool temperature is maintained using an electronic controller, temperature sensors and an automatic diverter valve. Most of the time, your existing pool pump is adequate to operate the system. Solar pool panels come in a variety of sizes and can be attached to a roof or even ground-mounted on a framework if no roof is available. If an electric or gas pool heater is already installed, a solar pool heater can work in conjunction with any pool heating appliance to significantly reduce operating costs by serving as the pre-heater. A professionally sized, selected and installed solar pool heating system will add value to your home and more enjoyment of your pool.

Costs: Heat your pool for free. Once the solar pool system is installed, the sun will provide all the energy to heat your pool. You can eliminate high monthly costs that will be incurred with a heat pump

Warranty: A twelve year full warranty gives you the protection needed. Solar pool collectors are very robust and it's typical that these systems can last up to twenty years.

Protect the Environment: Solar pool heating is clean, non-polluting, and environmentally safe.

Maintenance costs: Solar pool systems have negligible maintenance costs. Solar collectors are not affected by corrosive pool chemicals.
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